Products and Services

Government Collections and Compliance.

We just think differently. 

Collections and compliance are people processes.  In most cases, often with a little encouragement, people will do the right thing.  We believe that human behavior is predictable.

We take great pride in having engineered a simple, instinctive, intuitive, innovative, scalable, configurable, government collections-specific solution from the ground up.  We don’t hard sell software.  We soft sell ourselves, its all about the relationship.  Understand the difference?  Its a blended solution that happens to include a software element.  Envision a combination of products, services, relationships, expertise and experience that supports you.  We learn from each other.  You educate us on your current process.  We educate you on our features and benefits, share our subject matter expertise, experience, and other customer successes and failures.  Together, we mutually develop and implement a blueprint of your business process. 

Its a disruptive approach – not the “status quo”.  We don’t charge escalating annual maintenance fees.  We don’t charge for future development that benefits the cooperative.  We don’t charge for custom imports, exports or reports.  We don’t charge for compliance audit defense.  Our products and services are bundled into a professional services agreement at a fixed annual price.  You can rely on us for as much or as little as required to meet your collection and compliance goals.

* Texas: our solution is Senate Bill 1863 compliant and we are a pre-approved Office of Court Administration (OCA) government collections solutions provider.  Note that our Texas customers are comforted by the fact that none, absolutely zero, have ever failed an OCA audit – they have a 100% pass rate.  We just won’t let them fail.

“Intuitive, innovative, instinctive, and affordable…”